"Bright's Bike"

"Bright's Bike 2"

"Born to Lose"
from "Stay Clean" show

from "Stay Clean" show

from "Stay Clean" show

"Damage Case"
from "Stay Clean" show

"No Class"
from "Stay Clean" show

“boss hat”

bike seat, "the wise bull"

"Gudgel" bike seat...

bike seat, "Feathers"

"All the single…" Pinstriped leather box…

"Cat's Paw" Cat's Paw Saloon, Portland OR
approx 12"x 24"

“Alex’s rig” enamel on panel, 12"x30" detail

Bob Haro number plate, "Lightning Bolts" art show, 2008 Olympic Games,China

"Andy's Vespa" 1

"Andy's Vespa" 2

"Andy's Vespa" 3

Pinstriping and Hand Painting

pinstriping, on assorted surfaces…

Various Clients