"Salty Revenge" 4'x4' enamel/acrylic on canvas

"Curated Inertia" 4'x4' enamel on canvas

"The Mythology of Garbage" 4'x4' enamel on panel

"The Middle of Midnight" 2'x3' ink/acrylic on canvas

"Hidden Rivers" 4'x6' enamel/acrylic on canvas

"Angry Oceans" 2'x4' ink on canvas

"Condos of the Damned" 2.5'x3' enamel on panel

"Free Refools" 4'x4' ink on canvas

"in Plain View of the Ancients, 1" 3'x5' enamel/acrylic on panel

"in Plain View of the Ancients, 2" 3'x5' enamel/acrylic on panel

"Angry Oceans" Show

“Angry Oceans” is an ongoing painting series on the plight of the world’s oceans and how they might view humanity, and to a further degree humanity’s treatment of them. My take is that the oceans are not thin-skinned around the insult and steadily plot and execute reminders of their power, constantly laughing at us and our little plastic bottles of survival water.

Solo Exhibition
Summer of 2022