"Salty Revenge" 4'x4' enamel/acrylic on canvas

"Curated Inertia" 4'x4' enamel on canvas

"The Mythology of Garbage" 4'x4' enamel on panel

"The Middle of Midnight" 2'x3' ink/acrylic on canvas

"Hidden Rivers" 4'x6' enamel/acrylic on canvas

"Angry Oceans" 2'x4' ink on canvas

"Condos of the Damned" 2.5'x3' enamel on panel

"Free Refools" 4'x4' ink on canvas

"in Plain View of the Ancients, 1" 3'x5' enamel/acrylic on panel

"in Plain View of the Ancients, 2" 3'x5' enamel/acrylic on panel

"Angry Oceans" Show

“Angry Oceans” is group of paintings created in response to the plight, imagined frustration, and sardonic humor of the world’s oceans. Completely improvised during the summer of 2022 to the loudest Ethiopian Jazz my neighbors could handle, they are a personal exercise of expression with the absence of human form being the sole parameter.

Solo Exhibition
Summer of 2022