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"See Bird" 4'x4', enamel and acrylic on canvas

"Bottlerockets for Peace" 3'x3.5' enamel and acrylic on canvas

"Vigil-Ante" 4'x4' enamel and leafing on panel

"Upstream" 3'x4' enamel/acrylic/leafing on panel

"Triceratops, Lead Us" 4'x8' acrylic on panel

"Heelflip into Oblivion"
4'x'4, enamel and acrylic on canvas

"Your Weapons Are Useless" Show

“Your Weapons Are Useless” are a series of paintings and illustrations that culminated in an art show at The Thunderbird, in February of 2020 in Portland, Oregon. The intent of the series is to illustrate the absurdity of senseless violence, mock unoriginal displays of brute force and to satirize empty gestures for peace that often stand in for personal action.

Solo Exhibition